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PHOTO TIPS | OUTDOORS : How to shoot Fireworks?

1. A tripod is pretty much essential for shooting fireworks. If you're without one, try to learn against something sturdy like a fence railing or a wall.

2. Be sure to arrive early to pick out a good spot & set up your gear. Generally people will steer clear & give you room if you've set up early.

3. Try not to set up with the wind blowing towards you, because it can blow smoke in front of your shots.

4. Don't set up near bright lights (streetlights), as they will ruin your photos.
5. If you have one, use a remote to trigger the shutter. Even if you are using a tripod, releasing the shutter. Even if you're using a tripod, releasing the shutter yourself can cause vibrations will which cause your shots to be out of focus. A remote will also make it easier to see what is happening around you.

5. The most important part or shooting fireworks is the shutter speed. You'll need to keep the shutter open for a minimum of 1-2 seconds & possibly up to 30mins depending on what you want to achieve. Try experimenting to see what works best.

6. If you want more control over the shutter, switch to bulb mode. Then, release the shutter just before the burst & turn it off when the burst begins to fade.

7. If you want to capture lots of burst, you can switch your camera to bulb mode so the shutter stays open as long as you choose. Then, between each burst cover the lens with a black cloth to prevent too much light getting in.

8. Set the aperture to f/8 or f/11 to get the clearest photos.

9. If you are capturing a single burst, portrait mode will work best. If you are including multiple burst in your shot, landscape will likely work better.

10. Zoom-in so that the fireworks fill the frame. This will make your photo look closer to the action & thus more impressive.

11. Look around to see what else you can include in your shots. Things like buildings, bridges or water can add interest to your photo. Using a wide angle lens cap/dark card-board help to get everything in the shot.

  • Picture Mode - Shutter priority (Tv)
  • Shutter Speed - 5sec - up to 30sec
  • ISO Level - 100
  • Equipment - Tripod, Dark Cardboard.

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