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PHOTO TIPS | CITIES : How to shoot Transportation?

1. The most commonly photographed types of transportation are cars. Some other options for you include buses, trains, motorbikes, scooters, planes & helicopters.

2. You may need to seek out permission before taking photos. If the owner is nearby be sure to ask permission & make sure you check with local authorities before photographing any public transport.

3. Look out for distracting objects in the background. If you have time, move around a bit until the background is plain & simple.

4. If you don't have time to move around, try using a small depth of field (low f-number) to blur the background.
5. Even if you're taking a photo of a parked vehicle, it pays to be quick. Take a few quick photos first, then your time with the rest. That way if the vehicle suddenly moves off, you'll at least have a few photos.

6. If the option is available to you, try wetting the concrete/tar around your vehicle. It can help to increase contrast & sometimes provide reflection.

7. Try to leave some space in front of the vehicle. If the front of the vehicle is too close to the edge of the frame, it has nowhere to go and looks squashed.

8. Sometimes zooming in on the details rather than capturing everything can make a better photo. Typical things to zoom into include logos, wheels, engines or other shiny parts.

9. If you have problems with reflections from the vehicles paint, a polarizer lens may help.

10. When taking a photo of something large, like a big train, it may help to have one or two people in the photo to show how large it is.

  • Mode : Aperture Priority (Av)
  • f-Number : f/3.5 - 5.6
  • ISO Level : 100
  • Tripod preferred

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