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PHOTO TIPS | OUTDOORS : How to shoot Flowers?

1. If you're taking photos of flowers during a sunny day, try to do this or late in the day. Flowers look good to the eye during the middle of the day, but look better to the camera at other times.

2. Shooting flowers on cloudy days can work well, as harsh bright sun can wash out their color & lessen the impact.

3. Shooting early in the morning is the best time if you have the choice, as the winds be at a minimum. There may also be some early morning dew around.

4. A flower is usually most beautiful just after rain, but it can be difficult to get these shots & still keep your camera dry. Try spraying some water on your flower with a spray bottle rather than waiting for the rain to come.
5. Even a slight breeze can cause flower to move & blur, so for the sharpest photos use a tripod & keep the shutter speeds to 1/250 of a second or faster. Shooting early in the morning will also minimise the wind.

6. As you probably using a tripod, there is not much reason to use High ISO levels. Set your ISO at 100 to get the clearest image.

7. If you can't find some nice flower to shoot, try a flower shop, playground garden or flower arcade! To really bring out their color, take then home and try shooting against a solid black or white background.

8. Try getting down low & taking photos of flowers from a different perspective. People see flowers from top-down every day, but rarely see them from side-on or even looking up.

9. Try taking a photo of a single flower & using a large aperture (a small number like f/5.6), so that the background is blurred. This will keep the focus of the photo on the flower & remove the distracting background.

10. You don't always need to get the whole flower in focus. Some images can look great if the back of the flower is out of focus. To try this, you'll need to use your widest aperture (smallest f-number) & focus on the front of the flower.

11. Don't forget that there are many sides to a flower. Try moving yourself around & looking at it from a different side or if you're shooting flowers in a vase, spin the vase around to find the best side.

  • Picture Mode - Aperture priority (Av)
  • f-Number - Small Medium f/5.6
  • ISO Level - 100
  • Equipment - Tripod & Polarizing Filter.

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