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PHOTO TIPS | OUTDOORS : How to shoot Plants?

1. Try to pick the best time of day for your photos. Theres no point taking photos of plants that are obscured by shade or have their colors washed out from bright sunlight. Early mornings will usually be the best.

2. If you're shooting in the middle of the day, a polarizing lens can help to cut down on the harsh light entering the camera & bring out the colors of the plants.

3. Use a tripod if you can, as plants are usually quite fragile & sensitive to even the slightest of movements.

4. If you're using a tripod, set your ISO level at 100 to get the clearest images.
5. Try using a large aperture (low-f-number) to blur the background & keep the focus on the plant.

6. Get down low & take photos of the plants from an angle that they wouldn't normally be seen.

7. Watch out for distractions in your photo, such as a hose or supports. Try to fill the frame with your plants so that they are the real focus of the image.

  • Picture Mode - Aperture priority (Av)
  • f-Number - Small Medium f/5.6
  • ISO Level - 100
  • Equipment - Tripod & Polarizing Filter.

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