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PHOTO TIPS | CITIES : How to shoot Market Photography?

1. Try talking to people before taking their photo. If you show your friendly side & ask them a few questions about themselves or their products, they will be much happier to give you the photo you are after.

2. Be sure no to interrupt market vendors & distract them from their job. Letting them carry-out their normal duties will usually create the best shots.

3. Market are generally very busy, so rather than trying to capture it all at once & ending up with a cluttered image, focus on one person or one market stall.

4. Many people love to see photos of themselves, so give the subjects a look on your LCD Screen once their photo has been taken.
5. Covered stalls can result in problems with lighting, so either take photos of something else, or wait for stall owners to come into the light, which usually happens they are handling a purchase to a customer.

6. Look for patterns. Often times vendors put their products in patterns of different shapes & colors offering interesting shots that illustrate that culture.

  • Mode : Aperture Priority (Av)
  • f-Number : f/11
  • ISO Level : 200
  • Tripod preferred

Use the configurator as a tool to help select the correct tripod or head for your camera!

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