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PHOTO TIPS | CITIES : How to shoot Sacred Places?

1. The most important thing is to be respectful & remember what you are photographing. These places are primarily for religion, not for tourists. So, make sure you ask permission first.

2. Sacred places often have large spires or domes on top of a thin building, so it can be hard to fit everything in the frame. If you want to capture the entire building, a wide angle lens may help. Otherwise, you can try a panaromic from several photos.

3. Try to photograph at a time when the sun is to the side of the building, rather than behind it. If the sun is behind you instead, this can also be OK as long as there aren't any large shadows cast on the building.

4. Look for distracting elements in your frame & try to exclude them. Examples include signs, parked cars & rubbish bins.
5. You might also look for distracting elements which would be good to include in your frame. These might include a gravestone, a welcome sign, prayer mats & so on.

6. If photographing inside the sacred place, the light is likely to be poor. If you have a tripod & you've asked permission, make sure you use it!

7. Usually the best settings for poorly lit interiors without a tripod are to increase the ISO level to 200 or 400 & set the aperture to be f/8 or f/11. If the shutter speed is still too slow you may need to use a smaller f-number or increase the ISO level further.

8. Unless you are the only person inside, don't use you flash.

9. Some sacred places will have people selling things outside. These can be a good photography subject, but make sure you buy something small of give them a donation before taking their photo.

  • Mode - Aperture Mode (Av)
  • Aperture - Middle Range f-Number f/11
  • ISO Level - 100-200
  • Equipement - Tripod preferred

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