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PHOTO TIPS | CITIES : How to shoot street performers?

1. If you get the chance, talk to the performer before he begins so you can learn a little about what is going to happen during the performance. They will be even more forthcoming if you offer to give them some of your photos as a donation.

2. For high action performances, you may need to increase the ISO to get a photo which is in focus.

3. You will probably need to use a wide aperture (low f-number) to keep the performer in focus. Be aware that this will blur the background & may not be what you are after.

4. Keep the camera UP & READY, as things can move quickly and you don't want to miss the shot.
5. Try to anticipate what is coming next in the performance . Often the performers will be working up to a big finale at the end.

6. Including some of the crowd in your photo can make a great image as they look on in amazement. Little children are especially good for this.

7. If the performance is at night time, you may need to be patient & wait for performers to come into good lighting.

8. Don't forget to donate some money, as these performers are usually trying trying to earn a living.

9. If the street performer is moving around a lot, it might be worth shooting in continuous mode.

10. Be courteous of the people around you & remember the performance isn't just for you.

  • Mode : Aperture Priority (Av)
  • f-Number : f/3.5 or 5.6
  • ISO Level : 200
  • Tripod preferred

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