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PHOTO TIPS | PEOPLE : How to shoot indoor portrait (Planned)?

1. Potrait photography is all about capturing the person for who they truly are. Planned portraits can make this difficult as the person is expecting you to take photos and won't truly be themselves. Try taking some photos of them when they least expect it.

2. Try to think beforehand what type of photos you want to take. Close-up, full body, upper body, looking at the camera, looking away - there are a lot of options. Consider what might suit your subject best, but don't be afraid to try a few different things.

3. Setup your lighting so that it is coming from the side and slightly above. Never have the lighting glaring straight at the person as the photo will be unflattering. For that reason, avoid using the inbuilt flash.

4. Close-up photos should include the subject's shoulders and head, or even a little less. Ensure the face fills the frame but be careful not to cut off any part of the head.
5. Upper body shots can be easier than close-ups, as they allow you to include some background and give your subject some room. If you're not having much luck with a close-up, try an upper body shot instead.

6. If you can set your lens at around 90mm zoom & move your camera to where you need it to be. This will provide the most even & realistic photo, whilst keeping the person looking good. Generally, your camera should be about 8-10 feet back.

7. You may like to try using a set background like many photography studios do. You can try a roll of plain paper, such as cream or off-white. A black background will create some drama & can have stunning results, but don't use it all the time.

8. Your aperture should be set at f/8 or f/11 for the clearest, sharpest image.

9. Your focus point should be on the eyes, which will usually be put in the middle of the frame and one third from the top.

10. Make sure the camera is placed at eye level, don't look down or up at the subject unless you have a good reason.

  • Mode : Aperture Priority (Av)
  • f-Number : f/11
  • ISO Level : 100
  • Tripod preferred
  • Flashgun, Difuser

Use the configurator as a tool to help select the correct tripod or head for your camera!

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