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PHOTO TIPS | PEOPLE : How to shoot weddings?

1. You should discuss with the couple beforehand what sort of photos they are after. It would be a good idea to bring along some examples (even if they are not yours) to use as inspiration. Discuss things like location, colour vs black & white, style & who will be in what in photos.

2. Make sure you've plenty of memory available. There aren't many situations where running out of memory will be as bad at a wedding.

3. It's important for you to check the location of the wedding well in advance, as you don't want to be late. If you don't know the area, drive out to it a day before to find your way & also to get an idea for some possible photos.

4. Try to get to the bride's house as early as you can, as it will likely get chaotic towards the departure time.
5. At some point you will take photos of just the bride on her own. When this happens, try to capture her standing in soft, diffused light such as that coming from a window receiving indirect light.

6. Remember that a wedding is the sum of it's parts. Try photographing things like shoes, bouquets, the wedding dress on it's own, the groom's tie, the empty altar (anything that looks interesting).

7. When inside the hall, you don't want to intrude on the ceremony. Try your best to be invisible and silent & turn off any sounds your camera makes.

8. It will likely be dark inside the hall, so you will probably need to increase your ISO level. Take some test shots beforehand to see what ISO level you need to get a quick shutter speed, which may be as high as 800.

9. After the ceremony, try to take just a few shots of the couple on their own as soon as possible. They will soon be surrounded in family & friends & by the time you get them alone again they will probably be feeling worn out & less photogenic.

10. When taking photos of larger groups of people, use an Aperture of f/11 & focus on the eyes of the people at the front.

11. Have the couple nominate someone who can round up family members for different photos, rather than waiting for people to appear.

12. It's a nice idea to bring along a few snacks with you. You can bet the bride & groom probably haven't eaten much all day & will feel much happier with some food & drinks to relax them.

13. Keep the backgrounds in mind with your photos. Guests will probably be moving around so if you need to open up the lens (decrease the f-number) to blur the background.

14. You might want to have you camera on Continuous Shooting Mode. After all, you did bring plenty of memory right?

  • Mode : Aperture Priority (Av)
  • f-Number : f/11
  • ISO Level : 200/400
  • Tripod preferred
  • Flashgun, Difuser

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